Established 15th June 2006
Aim We aim to improve the added value and efficient use of fishery resources harvested at Sakai Port (Tottori Prefecture) and contribute to the development of regional economy and fisheries industry through economic exchanges and trade in marine products with neighboring countries such as China, Korea and Southeast Asia,.
Company Structure
  • President: Kenji Shimatani, President & Representative Director of Shimatani Suisan Co., Ltd
  • Vice-President: Koji Takenaka, President & Representative Director of Hokuyo Reizo Co., Ltd
  • No. of Members: 22 members (including consignees, wholesalers and food processors)
Main Achievements and Activities

■ Marketing activities in China (up to 2011)

  • Worked toward simplifying the procedure for export sanitary certificates for China
  • Association members conducted promotional activities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.


■ Conducted research on Korean domestic market (October 2013)

  • Conducted a survey to investigate seafood consumption trends and commodity distribution in Korea.
  • Surveyed Sakai market’s export capacity to provide recommendations on meeting export needs.


■ Inspections in Bangkok (Thailand) and Macao (China) (January 2015)

    • Investigated commodity distribution and export conditions to explore opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Issuance of the Fishery certificate became possible.(September 2017)


■Surveyed Singapore seafood market.(Oct 2017)


■Surveyed Bangkok seafood company and canning factory.(Feb 2019)

Future Efforts

■ Promote the development of seafood distribution channels in target countries such as Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia and other SE Asian countries which are new overseas markets (next to China) ready to be explored.

  • Hold an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, promoting Tottori’s attractions and specialty products.
  • Hold a Japanese food fair in Macao’s hotel restaurant.