The Association of Promoting Import and Export of Sakaiminato Marine Products was established in 2006 by producers, consignees and wholesalers in order to improve the added value and efficient use of fishery resources harvested at Sakai Port, Tottori Prefecture, and to contribute to the development of regional economy and fisheries industry through economic exchanges and trade in marine products with neighboring countries such as China, Korea and Southeast Asia.


Since the association’s establishment, many of Sakaiminato’s frozen marine products have been handled by trading companies and wholesalers and exported as ingredients for canned or processed food products to neighboring countries. However, Japan’s notable stagnant economy, falling consumer demand and decreasing population has increased our need to directly engage in our neighboring countries’ expanding markets which offer favorable opportunities.


A large-scale construction has begun at Sakai Port’s market, making way for the new advanced hygiene management system which is due to facilitate exports in the future. We hope our efforts will contribute to the development of new markets overseas and support the fisheries industry which boosted Sakai Port’s yields to the highest levels in Japan.