Company Name
Sanin Makiami (Purse Seine) Fisheries Cooperative
Representative Director Kunio Shirasu
Business type
producers union, frozen fish distributor

2-23 showa-machi

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Company Outline

Sanin Makiami (Purse Seine) Fisheries Cooperative was established in June 1979 as a cooperative union for the fisheries industry when large to medium-sized operators of offshore purse seine fishing designated fishing zones in Sanin Region and standardized the distribution process of landings in a concerted effort to improve conditions for the future.

As of FY 2016, the union comprises of 10 large and 8 medium-sized operators (total 19) that manage 24 fleets of purse seine fishing.

Product Information

Chart below indicates prices and yields of each fish for each month in 2009. High yields of horse mackerels are generally between May and November although it is harvested throughout the year. Chub mackerel’s high yields are from October to February. These yields’ distribution channels can vary depending on the quality and size of fish. Seasons can significantly influence the size and quality of fish and market value (at the time of landing) determines whether each fish is to be traded for raw consumption, processing or frozen foods. Generally 19% are used for raw consumption, 23% for food processing and 58% for frozen foods. (Major fish distribution figures derived from Tottori Government’s 2007 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Statistics)

Fish Type, Month, Quantity, Revenue and Unit Price
Horse Mackerel, Chub Mackerel, Others, Total