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Shimatani Suisan Co., Ltd
President & Representative Director Kenji Shimatani
Business type
fresh fish wholesaler, seafood processor

Ryutu kaikan 9-33 showa-machi

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We have been a seafood intermediate wholesaler for over 60 years and have been active since Sakaiminato markets were first opened. As a seafood processor, we have been supplying fresh fish to central markets and mass retailers all over Japan and providing processed seafood products to consumer cooperatives. We deal with a range of seafood landed at Sakai Port, run 7 shops all over Sanin Region and sell fresh fish.

Product Information

Direct shipment of fresh fish in a box– Direct shipment of fresh fish in a box
Sakai Port is the largest port on the Sea of Japan side and enjoys a diverse range of fresh fish (approx. 100 kinds) landings throughout the four seasons. We deliver the “freshest fish” carefully selected and bought in the same morning.

Specially Frozen Fresh Fillets– Specially Frozen Fresh Fillets
These are Sakaiminato’s freshly caught fish which are specially frozen as soon as they are filleted. As they are frozen in a special way, the fish color is almost unchanged. Just take out the number of pieces you need to cook each time.

Cut-Open Fresh Aji– Cut-Open Fresh Aji (Japanese horse mackerel) / Aji Fillets
These fresh fish are landed at Japan’s top class port of Sakaiminato; cut-open, filleted and chilled straightaway ready for delivery. Scales (lateral line), pin bones and all inner bones removed ready for cooking. No mess and no fuss!

Cut-Open Filleted Sardines– Cut-Open Filleted Sardines
Sakaiminato’s freshly caught sardines are cleaned (head also removed), cut open and filleted ready for delivery. Sardines are categorized as blue-backed fish and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) with good health benefits.

Deep Fried Sandfish– Deep Fried Sandfish
In spring, this fish is seasoned and deep fried in batter. It’s in season from March to May when it is rich in fat and protein and has a refined taste.

Deep Fried Chub Mackerel flavored with soy sauce– Deep Fried Chub Mackerel flavored with soy sauce
The wintery chub mackerels of Sakaiminato (October-February) are dipped in a special sauce we created with a local soy sauce brewer, making it a special dish.

Tuna Roe Karasumi (bottarga di tonno)– Tuna Roe Karasumi (bottarga di tonno)
High quality tuna roe are selected from among the best of the tuna landed at Sakaiminato, Tottori. Each one is delicately salted and dried repeatedly for days and days with great care until it appears glossy and light brown in color.

Minced Japanese Horse Mackerel and Sardines– Minced Japanese Horse Mackerel and Sardines
Only the flesh of Sakaiminato’s fresh Japanese horse mackerel and sardines are used to make this product. 100% fish meat with no additives. Used as ingredients for hot pots (nabé), tsumiré fish ball soup, fish hamburgers and dumplings.